What is Pediatrics?

In Israel, a pediatrician is a specialized doctor who has completed four and a half years of training in pediatrics. After the doctor has finished their specialization in pediatrics, they can continue to further specialize in a subfield within this area, such as pediatric intensive care, pediatric oncology, pediatric cardiology, and more.

Generally, a pediatrician is a professional who is capable of identifying and diagnosing various childhood diseases that may affect a child's development and health. Pediatricians treat children from birth until they reach the age of 21.

Dr Baseem Namouz - What is Pediatrics?

Pediatricians' role in diagnosis

Children's physicians play a critical role in diagnosing diseases and various medical conditions as early and accurately as possible. During childhood, many diseases can greatly impact the child's development and health in general, and it is often difficult to locate the source of the disease or identify the symptoms so easily. This is due to the fact that a number of diseases can endanger the child's normal development.

As a pediatrician, you will need to be familiar with a multitude of diseases, some of which exist only in children, as well as those that normally occur only in adults and have a lower incidence in children. It is the pediatrician's responsibility to perform a wide variety of tests on his patients, in addition to guiding their parents to conduct various additional tests if needed, such as imaging tests, blood tests, etc.

Early detection of many diseases can prevent their development in patients, whereas late diagnosis can result in irreversible damage to a particular organ or function.

Follow-up with a pediatrician

The pediatrician must not only ensure that appropriate treatment is provided in accordance with the disease, but he must also keep an eye on the medical condition of the patients he treats.

Often because of their physical development and growth, children require close monitoring of the effects of their drug treatment, which is very dynamic in nature. Children suffer from a high incidence of chronic diseases and allergies. In addition to guiding the parents to visit the pediatrician again and reporting to him about the child's progress or results, it is the pediatrician's responsibility to inform them about the child's progress or results.

Why Dr Baseem Namouz ?

Due to the fact that the pediatrician will accompany a child for many years, the goal is to have a pediatrician who will be able to continue to accompany the family for as long as possible.

Expertise - The first thing that should be understood is that a family doctor is not a pediatrician. Furthermore, as we have mentioned, there are doctors who specialize in a certain subspecialty. Therefore, it is preferable to consult a doctor who specializes in children and a doctor who has expertise in the relevant field when dealing with a specific disease.

Availability - The medical condition of the children requires urgent medical intervention. Therefore, availability of a pediatrician is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a pediatrician. Find out if the doctor is willing to provide his personal telephone number, whether he is available on weekends, if he takes vacations occasionally, and so on.

Accessibility - When making decisions, accessibility often plays a decisive role. When you find a doctor who is smiling, talented, professional and experienced, it appears that you have found your pediatrician; however, if he works two and a half hours from your home, and his clinic cannot be reached conveniently due to a lack of parking and inaccessibility to a baby carriage, it is probably best that you continue your search.

Treatment - You should choose a pediatrician who has a high level of professional experience and knowledge as well as a high level of sensitivity and empathy. You will be able to gain an impression of these qualities during the first meeting.

Recommendations - In spite of the fact that recommendations are a wonderful way to find out whether a doctor is a professional, dedicated and nice person, it is not recommended to read reviews on the Internet since surfers generally leave reviews only if they are dissatisfied, so it is very possible that the information you read on the Internet will be biased.